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  Kindergarten Newsletter

Reading:  We continue to review our letters and sounds daily.  All students should be able to identify each letter and the sounds of each letter.  We have become tapping experts by practicing this skill everyday, as well.  Students should be able to tap out simple words like mat, fan, sit, run, etc.  They should be able to tap them to read them and to write them.  The sight words we have learned so far are: am, a, for, have, I, is, like, little,  the, to, my,  we, are, his, and he.
     This month we will be working on the words: me, she, with, look, and see.

Math:  The shape of the month will be a triangle.  Our color pattern will be green, white, orange.  It is an ABC pattern.  We have learned to count by ones and by tens all the way to 100.  We have been working on numbers 0 to 10.  We will be learning to count by fives to 100 and discussing numbers 11 to 31.

Religion: In the Old Testament we have read Joseph's Coat of Many Colors and Baby Moses.  We will continue with the stories Moses and the Burning Bush, The Ten Plagues, and Escape from Egypt.
      In the New Testament, we have read the stories Wedding at Cana and Sermon on the Mount  This month we will read  Loaves and Fishes, The Good Samaritan, Story of the Lost Sheep, The Blind Beggar, and Jesus and the Children.
     We have begun discussing Lent and how Lent is a time for us to change and grow to be more like Jesus.  Lent began on Wednesday, February 18th and continues to Easter.  Each morning we will begin with morning prayers and use a Lenten tree that is displayed in our class.  We will be watching as it changes and grows throughout Lent.  Each morning during prayer time we will add a leaf to the tree.  On the leaf is a special job to do on that day during Lent.  As God's world is growing and changing in preparation for Spring, we are preparing for Easter by praying more, helping others, making sacrifices, and being kind to others. Since January we have been working on the Hail Mary.  This month we will start to learn a new prayer that we will say before meals.

Old News:  We survived the 100th Day of School.  We had a lot of fun.   We started the day by wearing our 100th day badges.  We read the story 100th Day Worries  and everyone had fun guessing everyone's 100th day collection. They were so creative.  Everyone did a fantastic job.
     We, also, had fun learning and reading about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. 

Upcoming Events:

      Our Lenten Food Collection began on Monday, February 23rd..  Each week we ask for donations of certain items.  Information is on the list serve but I thought I would include it in my letter for your convenience.
  Listed on the next page are the items we are asking  for each week.

           March 2nd - March 6th - Tuna/canned meat
           March 9th - March 12th - pasta/sauce (plastic only)
           March 16th - March 20th - cereal/juice (plastic only)
           March 23rd - March 27th - beans/soup

     March 13th - No School
               Professional Day

     March 17th - Dress up for Charity
           Our second Dress Up for Charity will be on St. Patrick's Day.  For a one dollar donation students do not wear their uniforms but they must wear green.  All the money will be donated to Keep the Heat On.  Just send your dollar in an envelope with your child's name and Dress Up for Charity on the front.  You can send this in at any time from now to Tuesday, March 17th.

     March 20th - Report Cards

     March 24th - Spring Picture Day
           Students do not have to wear their uniforms unless you want their picture taken with it.

     March 30th - April 2nd - Pennies for Patients
           More detailed information will be sent home later in the month.

     April 10th - Field Trip
          Please see attached letter.

     We want to thank you in advance for your generous support to our food drive and for all your generous donations through out the school year.

     Lastly, as we move closer to the end of the year, there is still a lot of learning, preparation, and work to do.  One of the things we need to prepare for is next year's classes.  If you could please fill out the form below in regards to whether your child will be returning to Fr. John V. Doyle School next year.  If you are thinking of leaving due to financial reasons, before you make your decision please feel free to set up a meeting with Mr. Hodes to see if there is anything the school can do to help you. If you could please fill the form out and send it to school by Monday, March 16th.  Thank you for your help with this.
     Like always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.  Thank you very much for all your help, cooperation, and generous donations.

Mrs. Coderre and Mrs. Pizzo    

Child's Name:___________________________________________________

            _____Yes, my child will be returning to Fr. John V. Doyle School.

            _____No, my child will not be returning to Fr. John V. Doyle School.




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