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Mrs. Coderre's Kindergarten Newsletter

January 5, 2015

     Happy New Year!  Along with the new year comes a lot of new things we will be learning.  Among them are new words, new prayers, new color words, and so much more!

Reading:  In Fundations, we have finished learning all the letters of the alphabet both capital and lower case. The children should be able to identify their sounds and write them on lined paper. In your child's folder you will find a  new Fundations packet for Unit Three. This packet has a lot of valuable information that reinforces concepts we are working on.  It is a great reinforcement for all students.  Please use these packets to practice the skills at home.
     In our reading series, we have reviewed recognition of all the letters. Next, we will focus on each letter and it's sound.  This is more of a review since our Fundations program has taught us both recognition and sounds of all the letters.  We have worked on Mm, Tt, and Aa . We can, also,  read the following sight words: I, am, little, the, a, to, have, and is.   Students should also be able to begin tapping out simple cvc words.  Words like cat, fin, get, etc.
     This month we will focus on the letter Ss, Pp, and Cc.  We will learn to read the sight words like, my, and we.  We will continue to practice our tapping skills. It is important that you review these concepts with your child.

Math:  We continue with a new pattern and shape this month.  We are doing an AABB pattern using parallelograms.  We will be working on counting forward to 70, counting back from 12 to 0, and counting by tens.
     We have begun our chapter on numbers 0 to 10.  The children will learn how to identify each number, write the number, and show groups for each number.

Religion:   All during the month of December the Wise Men have been traveling around the room.  Each day the children would tell me where they were. This past Sunday, January 4th, was the Epiphany, the Wise Men arrived at the stable.
     We will continue reading stories from the Old Testament as well as reading stories from the New Testament.  In the Old Testament, we will read the stories Joseph's  Coat of Many Colors and Baby Moses.  In the New Testament, we will read the stories Jesus and the Wise Men, Jesus is Baptized, and Jesus and His Followers.
     We will also start to learn a new prayer, the Hail Mary.

New News:  we are starting to write our names in lower case letters.  Although many know how to do this, we ask that you practice this with your child so it will be an easier transition for them.  Most importantly, watch that they are forming the letters correctly.
     New Year, new folders.  The new folders are the same type as we have been using but it is more important for your child to bring in their folders every day.  There will no longer be any stickers going home daily with the children when they keep three baseballs.  To keep them motivated, we will start a new program.  On each of the children's folders you will find a baseball chart.  Every day we will stamp one box if your child keeps all three of their baseballs.  If they loose any baseballs they will not get a stamp.  Once they fill up the whole chart, they will be able to go into the treasure box and pick a surprise of their choice.  When they fill up the chart, we will replace the chart with a new one and they begin again.  This program will be used until the end of the school year.

Important Dates:
     January 19th - No School*Martin Luther King Jr. Day

     January 25th to January 31st - Catholic Schools Week
          More detailed information will be sent home at a later date.

    Thank You:  Mrs.Pizzo  and I would like to thank everyone for all our wonderful gifts.  We would like to thank everyone who donated gifts for Tis the Season.  Many families were very happy on Christmas Day thanks to your generosity.
    A thank you to Santa who apparently came to our classroom on Thursday night before vacation while we were were all snuggled in our beds.  On Friday, we came into our classroom to see a note from Santa telling us how proud he is because everyone has been so good!  He decorated our room and left us surprises.  He even hid candy canes and left Christmas pencils taped to our chairs.  It was great!

     Lastly, during these winter months, we are always in need of paper towels, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies to clean the tables with, and straws.

     As always, thank you for all your help, cooperation, and donations.  If at any time you have any questions or concerns please feel free to get in touch with us.

We wish you all a healthy and Happy New Year!
Mrs. Coderre and Mrs. Pizzo


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