Father John V. Doyle School
Coventry, Rhode Island

Kindergarten Newsletter

:   The children should be able to recognize all capital and lower case letters.  They should know the sound of each letter and how to write the letters properly.  Some children are still having difficulty writing the letters.  It is very important to practice at home.  We have, also, learned the sight words am, a, I, is, little, the, to, and have. The children should also be able to tap CVC words. (consonant/vowel/ consonant words such as cat, fig, men, cap, etc.) Please continue to practice this skill at home.
     This month we will focus on the sight words we, like, and my.

Math:  We continue with our patterns this month.  Our color pattern is pink, pink, red, red.  Our shape is a rectangle.  We have been working on counting by tens to 100.   We are working on Numbers 0 to 10.  We have learned the following terms:  as many as, more, fewer, most, fewest, and numbers 0 to 10.  Children should be able to recognize these numbers, write them, count a group of, and sequence them.

Religion:  We continue to work on our Bible stories.  We have talked about the two parts of the Bible, the Old Testament and the New Testament.  In the Old Testament we have read the story Isaac and Rebekah and Jacob and Esau.   This month will be be reading  Joseph's Coat of Many Colors and Baby Moses.
     The New Testament began with the birth of Jesus, the Wise Men, and Jesus is Baptized.   This month we will be reading Jesus and His Followers and Wedding at Cana.

New Month, New Things:  To help us learn the color words, we have three new color words for our tables.  They were the green table, orange table, and purple table.  Now they are the pink table, brown table, and gray table.

Up Coming Events:
          February 5th - Starting Thursday, the children are welcome to bring in Valentine cards.  There are a total of 27 students in our class. Again to make it easier, we ask that you do not write names on the outside of the envelopes.

          February 11th - 100th Day of School
                Please see letter and bag attached to this letter. The letter explains what you need to do for the project. We provided a bag for your convenience, however, if you come up with a great and creative idea and the objects will not fit in this bag, you are more than welcome to use a larger bag.  Just make sure we can not see what is inside of the bag and the clues are attached to that bag. Have fun doing this project with your child.

         February 13th - Box Tops are due.
               Please keep sending in your box tops.  We are very close to winning the no uniform day.

        February 16th to February 20th is  February vacation.

       February 23rd - Lenten Food Drive
               More information will be sent home on the list serve but our Lenten Food Drive is when we collect food to donate to the Food Bank.  Each week we focus on a certain food item.  However, any donations are greatly appreciated.  This food drive lasts for the whole season of Lent which ends at Easter.  This first week of the food drive we are collecting peanut butter and/or jelly but they must be in plastic containers.  No glass, please.  Thank you in advance.

 If at any time you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch with us.  Once again thank you for your help and cooperation.  It is greatly appreciated.

Mrs. Coderre and Mrs. Pizzo



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