Father John V. Doyle School
Coventry, Rhode Island
Mrs. Coderre's Kindergarten

Reading:  Since the beginning of the year,  we have learned the letters t, b, f, n, m, i, u, c, o, a, g, d, s, e, r, p, and j.  The children should be able to identify each letter, as well as know the sound of each letter, and how to write them.   The sight words the students should be able to read are I, am, little, the, a, and to. We have also learned about rhyming words and syllables.
     This month in Fundations we will finish the alphabet with the letters, l, h, k, v, w, y, x, z, and q.  Once again the children should be able to identify each letter, tell you the sound of each letter, and write each letter.   The sight words we will learn to read are have and is.  This month in reading we are working on categorizing and comparing.

Math:  We continue learning patterns by using the calendar.  Last month we used an AB pattern with squares.  The shape of the month for November is a triangle and we will be learning about ABB patterns.   The children should also be able to count forward from 0 to 35 and count back from 10 to 1.  We have finished our unit on Geometry and Patterns.  We learned about solid figures like cylinders, cones, spheres, cubes, rectangular prisms along with plane figures such as triangles, squares, rectangles, and circles, as well as, patterns.
     Now we are working on a chapter about position words. . We will be discussing above/below, top/middle/bottom, over/on/under, inside/outside, in front/behind, left/right, and between.

Religion:  We learned the Lord's Prayer and continue to practice the Angel of God prayer.  We have been reading stories from the Old Testament in the Bible.  We read the stories Creation, Adam and Eve, Noah's Ark, Tower of Babel, Abraham, Abraham and Isaac, Isaac and Rebekah, and Jacob and Esau.
     This month we will read Joseph's Coat of Many Colors, Baby Moses, and Moses and the Burning Bush.

New News: 

     November 4th - Lifetouch Retakes
          If you are not satisfied with your child's picture, you can have it done again but you must send back the first packet of pictures minus the class picture.

     November 11th - NO SCHOOL
          Veteran's Day

     November 15th - 16th - Snowflake Bazaar
          We invite everyone to come to the bazaar.   There will be fun games and lots of baked goods. At the bazaar you can, also,  purchase a Christmas ornament that your child made in class.  Parents are encouraged to purchase the ornament on Saturday.  On Sunday, the ornaments will be available for the public to purchase!   Don't miss it.  It is a great time for all!  If you find that you can not make the bazaar and would like to purchase your child's ornament, just place the money in an envelope and write your child's name and "Christmas ornament" on the front.  The cost of  our ornaments are $5.00.  You can send the money in at anytime between now and the bazaar.  However, it must be in by Friday, November 14th.  On Friday the ornaments will be going to the bazaar. Those who want to purchase their child's ornament before the bazaar, the ornaments will be sent home on Friday, November 14th.

     November 20th - Principal Appreciation Day

     November 21st - Barnes and Nobles Book Fair
          Takes place at Barnes and Nobles from 4 pm. to 7 pm.  The school library makes a percentage on books sold.  They use that money to buy books for the library.

    November 27th-28th  NO SCHOOL
          Thanksgiving Recess - HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

     November 28th - Breakfast with  Santa
          Information is on the list serve.  This is a great event.  We have a lot of fun!  We hope you can make it. Tickets go fast so get yours soon.

     Tis the Season
          The information about this was put on the list serve on Friday, October 31st.  It is a wonderful way of helping families locally who are in need during this holiday season.

     We have a saying, "New month, new things".  For the month of November we are learning a new prayer that we say before meals.    We will be discussing Thanksgiving and learning about Pilgrims and Indians.

Thank you:  We would like to thank all those who have donated classroom supplies.  It is very generous of you and much needed. I, also, want to thank everyone for their patience during my return.  I think we have all settled in now.  Mrs. St.Armand did a fabulous job so our transition was very easy.

Reminder:   The cold weather will soon be here.  We do go outside at lunch time.  Please have your child dress warm.

     Once again, we want to thank you for all your help, cooperation, and donations.

Mrs. Coderre and Mrs. Pizzo

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