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If Dr. Seuss had a gifted child ....

by Mary Beth Northrup

Dear Mom-I-am, dear Mom-I-am, we have a problem, Mom-I-am.
Your son won't do what he must do. He drives me crazy, yes it's true!
He will stall and squirm and hum, and leave all of his work undone.
He dreams and will not pay attention, have you considered medication?

With other kids he does not play, he is alone much of the day.
Something does not seem quite right, because I know he must be bright.
He seems to learn, despite the rest, but the work is not his best.
He is disruptive, yes it's true. He just won't do what he must do!

Yes, teacher, I can really see, how frustrating all this must be,
A child who does not meet the norm, a child whose mold won't fit the form.
I've had him tested on WISC-III, by your approved test agency.
He scores far higher than the mean, there's more to this that can be seen.

So help us, help us find the way, to teach this child best if we may.
He is not like the rest you see, he acts and thinks far differently.
We need another way to teach him, another way to finally reach him.
Not the normal thing you do, but something altogether new!

What! Something new - go bar the door! We've not done it that way before!
If we do this thing for you, then all the rest will want it too!
Change our ways, that can't be done. Same for all, not changed for some.
All children are gifted, yes it's true! Just MAKE him do what he must do!

Please, please, teacher, hear me through. The laws say you must help us, too.
His needs are different than the rest, we CAN help him to do his best.
We can make this easy too, it will not be more work for you.
This can work out, you will see. Try it, try it, please, for me?

All right, all right, if I must. I still maintain this is not just.
But first there is red tape you see, tests and checks and IEP.
And after weeks and months of proving, finally we can begin moving.
Then I'll try it and we'll see, if this method is the key.

Hey, I see something, yes I do! We have found something he will do!
No more fiddle, squirm and hum, no more worksheets left undone.
He's zipping through, he's learning fast, he's doing his best work at last.
Why did I put up a fight? I guess dear Mom, that you were right.

Printed with Permission
Copyright © 1998 by MaryBeth_Northrup-EMN002@email.mot.com
The thousands of links for gifted and talented issues out there would make the searcher dizzy. 
We've sifted through them for you. Some sites are just interested in your money. 
Still other's want to share valuable information with you. We have listed what we perceive to be the best sources for parents. 

General Information About Gifted Children 


Sites that contain issues unique to the Highly Gifted 



Homeschooling Gifted Children 


  • Gifted Children & Homeschooling: An Annotated Bibliography Compiled by Kathi Kearney 
  • School is Dead! Learn in Freedom!
  • The Mining Company
  • Jon's Home-School Resource Page
  • The Homeschooling Zone
  • Homespun Web of Home Educational Resources
  • Staying Home From School features four families homeschooling for various reasons. One family is homeschooling highly gifted children. Excellent article
  • Distance Learning Programs
  • The Home School Potpourri - Gifted & Talented 
  • Virtual School for the Gifted (Australia) provides distance learning courses for elementary and secondary gifted students. Many homeschoolers use these courses.
  • Advanced Placement courses online, sponsored by Pennsylvania Homeschoolers
  • Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY) at Stanford University: Offers distance learning classes to gifted children grades K -12 (and some college courses) online. Lots of homeschooled gifted kids use these courses, as well as a fair number of children enrolled in more conventional schools. Expensive, but some scholarship assistance apparently is available, from what I have heard.
  • Precocious & Prodigious. Internet bulletin board for parents of highly and profoundly gifted children. There are MANY homeschoolers on this board, so it is a good source of homeschooling information as well as general support for parents with highly gifted and profoundly gifted children.
  • Home School Legal Defense Association: Not specifically a gifted/homeschooling site, but very useful. There are links to Christian homeschool support groups all over the country, daily updates on federal and state legislation affecting homeschoolers, and the like. Members of Home School Legal Defense Association receive assistance with any legal or legislative issues they may face related to their homeschools at no additional charge beyond the annual membership fee.
  • National Honor Society of Home and Independent Schools (NHSHIS): This organization was founded by two homeschooling dads when they discovered that homeschooled students and students attending certain private religious schools were not permitted to join the National Honor Society sponsored by the National Association for Secondary School Principals. Provides an honor society membership in NHSHIS for homeschooled students and students from small private independent or religious schools who qualify (each school determines its own qualifications for honor society membership; only general guidelines are issued by NHSHIS) Two forms of membership are available: Individual and Chapter. Individual memberships are primarily for homeschooled students; chapter memberships are for small private schools or for state or regional homeschooling support groups. Membership is also available to homeschooled or private school gifted students enrolled in a grade below grade seven who are currently completing curriculum at the grades 7 - 12 level, no matter what their age.
  • Learn English Online:  Free, comprehensive ESL site with a host of resources for students and teachers of English.




Legal Resources 

Sites that are dedicated to Helping Gifted Adults understand what it's all about   


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