Ashton School PTO 2006/2007 Welcome Back Letter

September 2006

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to Ashton Elementary School, or welcome back for a new and exciting year. The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) hopes you will be active in the Ashton School community. The PTO has many activities planned for this year (see attached calendar). We encourage you to become involved in as many of these activities as you feel reasonably possible. We have fun together and the students have enjoyable, meaningful experiences as a result of your involvement.

A description of the various PTO jobs and committees needing volunteers, along with a sign up form, is attached. You will be able to volunteer for any of these jobs or committees by completing the form and returning it to school with your child, or by signing up at the Back to School Breakfast on September 14. In addition, the PTO will be meeting at the school on the third Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm (first meeting September 19 at 6:00 pm). We invite you to attend. The school and PTO will benefit from hearing your ideas, and you will be better informed about all the past and upcoming events at the school. Even if you cannot attend the meeting this month, we encourage you to complete the attached membership form so that you will have voting rights at any meetings you choose to attend in the future.

The PTO also provides funding to the teachers for activities and items that the classes would otherwise not have. These activities and items include class trips for every grade, in-school cultural programs, Young Authors Writing Books, support for the art, physical education and music teachers, Scholastic Weekly Readers, partial support of a late bus for after school clubs and activities, and support for technology in the classroom. While it may seem that these activities and items should be funded by the town, they are not. Since the PTO recognizes that they are all an important part of our childrenís education, we are proud to provide the funding for them.

As we know, raising money is what allows the PTO to provide all the activities and items that enrich our students. The PTOís estimated budget for the current year is approximately $18,000. This comes out to about $50.00 per student. The PTO has planned a number of fundraisers to fund this budget. As with volunteering your time, we ask that you participate in as many as possible, but you should not feel obligated to participate in all of them. (The calendar provides a list of the fundraisers to choose from.) The PTO has planned a variety of fundraisers at different times throughout the year, recognizing that different families will feel more comfortable participating in certain ones over others.

With your help we are looking forward to the 2006/2007 school year being the best one ever for Ashton School. If you have any ideas, comments or suggestions ,we want to hear from you. Communication is essential if the PTO is to fulfill its mission. Please contact George Drapeaux at any time by phone (334-8882), by email ( or by sending a note to school with your child.

For information on Ashton School, please visit our website at Our website provides information such as the school calendar, activities, and lunch menu. As the year progresses we will add pictures of all the exciting activities that take place.

Thank you,

George M. Drapeaux and Wendy Buntel
Ashton School PTO Co-Presidents



George Drapeaux & Wendy Buntel


Cheryl Simanski


Michele Lamorte

Corresponding Secretary


Recording Secretaries

Carolyn Enestvedt & Kristen Bowerfind


The Ashton PTO invites every member of the Ashton School community to participate in our organization. Membership dues are $5.00 / year. Any donation is appreciated and will be used to offset the costs of Ashton PTO-sponsored events and activities. The payment of dues is voluntary.  To be eligible to vote at PTO meetings, and to run in PTO elections, it is necessary to complete and return this form, even if you do not elect to pay dues.

Please detach and return this membership form to school, with your family donation in an envelope marked "PTO Membership". (Please make checks payable to Ashton PTO).

_____ $5.00 _____ $10.00 _____ $20.00 ________ Other _____ No donation at this time
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Childís name:___________________________ Grade:_____Teacher:_____________________