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United States Web Sites





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Rhode Island Web Sites

State of Rhode Island Government

Rhode Island Statehouse Virtual Tour


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USGS Water Resources for School

Water Cycle



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Weather Wiz Kids

Sky Diary

Weather Dude

Weather Warning Resources

The Cloud Boutique

Wild Wild Weather

USA Today - How Weather Works

FEMA for Kids

Kid's Hazard Quiz



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Solar Energy

Roofus Solar and Effiecient Neighborhood



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Fact Practice

Math Blox

Math Fact Practice

Make Five

Math Mayhem

Dude's Dilemma

Around the World in 80 Seconds

Multiplication Concentration

Math Mania










Fractions - A Booster Activity

Who Wants Pizza?

Teach R Kids Math - Fractions

Identify Fractions with Lines

Identify Fractions with Circles

Identify Mixed Numbers with Lines

Identify Mixed Numbers with Circles

OLR Fraction Tutorial

Fresh Baked Fractions




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Solar System


Yahooligans: Solar System

Astronomy for Kids



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Torino 2006 Official Website

Kids Village Torino 2006

US Olympic Team

USOC Base Camp

NBC Olympics

Fact Monster: Winter Olympics

Time for Kids: Getting Ready for the Winter Olympics

History of the Olympics

IOC - History of the Olympics

Olympics Timeline

Factmonster: Winter Olympics Through the Years

Olympic Games - Wikipedia





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