Woody Stems
    What are Woody Stems?
        Woody Stems are the stems of plants who have been growing for two years or more.  After two years, a plant's stem thickens to accommodate growth and increased circulation in a plant.  Probably the most obvious example of a woody stem is a tree trunk.  Trees are a special woody stem and consequently have unique parts that other woody stems do not.  For example, a tree contains heartwood, sapwood, and cork.  Even so, it is not uncommon for woody stems to start out as a bush or plant and eventually grow into a tree.

Jobs of Stem Parts:
  a. Cork = protection
    b. Cambium = forms new cells
    c. Xylem = carries water
    d. Phloem = carries food
    e. Cortex = stores food
    f. Pith = stores food

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