Sepal          Anther
                                                            Ovule         Ovary
                                                            Stamen        Stigma
                                                            Style           Pistil
                                                            Filament     Petal

Sepal- part of which encloses the bud before it opens

Anther- structure where male reproduction occurs

Ovule- reproductive structure inside ovary

Ovary- base of pistil which holds the ovules

Stamen- consists of filament and anther (male reproduction)

Stigma- upper part of pistil where pollen is deposited

Style- stalk between stigma and ovary

Pistil- ovary, stigma, and style (female reproduction)

Filament- thin, stem-like stalk, supporting anther

Petal- colored leaves on the flower



Carpels are the structures produced from fertile leaves that have rolled up to comprise the center most circle of flower parts. Petals make up the second circle of flower parts. All of these petals together make the corolla.

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