Using the Internet
in Your Classroom

Technology has changed the very fabric of today's society.  It has been the driver of change in such areas as global communications, economics, the arts, politics, and environmental issues.  Education must analyze the changing taking place in today's society and integrate the reality of the information age into the educational system.  Effectively guiding our students in the reality of the information age is dependent on adequate and appropriate infusion of technology in the educational system.  Technology must no longer be viewed as an add-on element in learning.  Technology must serve as a vehicle to help teachers deliver a variety of learning opportunities to students in many disciplines or subject areas. 

That having been said, you may be saying, "Yeah, that is all well and fine but how can I  use the Internet in
my classroom?"   Well, the best answer is a question itself.  How creative can you be?   Explore the links to the left to get the ideas flowing.

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