National Honor Society




High School juniors and seniors are eligible for induction into the National Honor Society. Selection and continued membership are based on scholarship, service, leadership and character. Students do not apply for membership. Selection is an honor bestowed on the student. Non-selected students will be informed of the areas where the Faculty Selection Committee felt they did not meet the standards. The Scholarship standard is based on a student's cumulative grade point average (GPA) beginning in grade nine and continuing until the end of the first semester of their current grade. The scholarship Grade Point Average (GPA) standards are as follows:

For Classes of 2002, 2003, and 2004, the GPA is 3.5 or higher

For the Class of 2005, the GPA is 3.6 or higher

For the Class of 2006 and subsequent classes, the GPA is 3.7 or higher

The service standard is fifty (50) hours of documented service for grade eleven induction, eighty (80) hours for grade twelve, and a total of ninety (90) hours by March of the senior year. Service hours accumulate beginning in grade nine. The following pace is recommended: 10 hours in grade nine, 20 hours in grade ten, and 30 hours in both eleventh and twelfth grades. Verification forms are available from the Honor Society advisors and in the Media Center. Students are expected to find their own projects. Suggestions and information are available from the Honor Society advisors.

Classroom, school, and peer leadership are considered for the leadership qualification. Classroom leadership is defined as positively influencing others to do their best; taking challenging academic courses; going beyond what is expected. School leadership is based on participation in extra curricular activities.

Character is evaluated on the following definition: The student of character demonstrates the highest standards of honesty and reliability. He/she shows courtesy and concern for others; upholds school regulations; observes instructions and rules both in and outside the classroom.

Finally, the Faculty Selection Committee considers it to be the responsibility of the individual student to be aware of National Honor Society induction standards and his/her GPA, to perform service on a regular basis, and to maintain the highest standards of leadership and character.



Members of the National Honor Society are expected to maintain their selection standards. NHS membership is a commitment to the standards of Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character. If a student falls below his/her induction standards in any area, he/she will:

First: Receive a written explanation from the Faculty Advisors.

Second: Be given the opportunity for a hearing before the Faculty Committee.

Third: Be given a limited amount of time to correct the deficiency or face dismissal.


Discipline may include but is not limited to the following: probation, loss of privileges or participation for a limited time, additional community service, and dismissal from the NHS.

According to the NHS Constitution, dismissal is permanent. Once dismissed, a student cannot be considered for re-admission. He/she must return the membership pin and certificate. Violations of school policies in the areas of substance abuse, weapons, and test taking, or repeated problems in the same selection criteria, may result in an immediate recommendation for dismissal.

/NHS discipline and dismissal decisions are subject to the same right of appeal as any other school discipline policy.



Rhode Island Honor Society is for seniors only. Prospective members are considered on the basis of character and scholarship. The academic standard is a GPA of 3.3. Character is defined under the National Honor Society.