The Great Wall Of China!


    The Great Wall Of China was built to keep intruders out of the     country like the Mongolians. The Great Wall of China is  4,000 miles  (4,000km) long. Every one hunderd yards a guard tower was built for protection.  It was guarded by over 1,000,000,000 guards and soldiers. The Great Wall was so strong that the Mongolians never threatened China for about 1,000 years to build. The wall is now considered a long graveyard.

                    Interesting Facts

-The Great Wall of China took 200 years and 16 dynasties to make.

-If your in space, you can see The Great Wall of China.

-Alot of people died during the making of the Great Wall of China.

-The wall is made of rocks and stones.

-It is 30 feet high..

-Kobe Bryant did a basketball demo on the Wall.

-It took 1,000,000,000 people helped to build the Great all of China.

-A new part of the wall was discovered.

- The famous quotion " Treat others how you would like to be treated," was made by a man from China.


            The Chinese people wear kimono's, robes, and many different kind of shirts. A dynasty is a government ruled by a family who's power lasts though several generations. both chinese , and japanese people write with pictograms. They also have 2 different languages, mandarin,chinese. The population is over 1.2 billion. People can't live on the boarder line because it is much to cold for settlement they live mostly in the middle of the country. One type of specile clothing and dreeses they wear is a kamino. A kamino looks like a rope only its bright and colorful.


The most important food is rice. The second most important crop of food is wheat. Wheat crops in 1997 was over 120.0 million metric tons. The stocks are utellized for making paper. Farming was done in big shallow ponds with rows of plants. Farming is very big in China. Most people are farming because they can't get a job or they don't have enough money. Since China is so populated the most popular job was farming.

China has adopted a nine-year compulsory schooling system, which means all children are required to attend school for at least nine years.
 Students have to complete both school program and the junior middle-school program. Higher education is only for the students who have passed examinations. Student must pass the entrance examination for schools or technical schools. After a couple of years, they have to go to college to get a examination for entrences to universities.

                      A List Of   Zoo's and Parks

Shanghai zoo
Ling Hu park zoo
Hongmei park zoo
Qixing park zoo
Zhongshan park
Beipei park
Changging park
Bashua park
Ganzhou park

                                              China's Chart

Month of the Year  Jan  Feb  Mar  Apr  May  Jun  July  Aug  Sept  Oct  Nov  Dec
Precipitation  3.9 4.7 q8.2 18.4 33.0 78.1 224.3 170.0 58.4 18.0 9.3 2.7
Tempature --4.6 -1.8 4.7 13.6 20.0 24.4 26.0 24.7 19.8 12.6 3.9 -2.6


                                                Walls we learned about

We learned that some walls are very important. We never used to think much about walls. But after this wall project we all learned something important about walls. Walls are or were very important and in some cases bad things would have happened without them. For example, back then without the Great Wall of China the Mongolians would attack the Chinese without notice. So the Chinese built the Great Wall of China with watch towers on it so they could look for the Mongolians when they would attack. We also learned about invisible walls. An example of an invisible wall is a  wall that is a barrier that can't be seen.