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How TOs & FAQs
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In the summer of 2002, fourteen Rhode Island educators gathered for a two-week videoconferencing workshop at West Warwick High School. The workshop was jointly funded by the Rhode Island Department of Education and RINET. This site contains the results of that workshop. The site is designed to be informative, but also as the knowledge base expands and video participants increase, this site will contain more information.

Guides to using the Polycom ViewStation FX 

bulletRecording and sending video
bulletUsing the VCR
bulletUsing the video camera
bulletThe anatomy of the remote control
bulletHow to connect a second monitor
bulletEstablishing pre-set locations
bulletShowing Power Point slide shows
bulletAuto Voice Tracking
bullet Multi-Site Connections
bullet Near Far Different Monitors

Guide to the ViaVideo

bulletReference Guide
bullet Using ViaVideo
bullet ViaVideo Technical Reference

Additional Resources

bullet ViewStation User Guide
bullet Using the Polycom Viewstation
bulletPolycom Video Conference System Manual Edison State Community College
bullet Everything a user should know about the Polycom ViewStation (PPT) Megan Crabb, The Ohio State University
bulletRINET FAQs

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